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Five Ways to Celebrate Easter Everyday

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She cracks open the Resurrection Egg, her eyes fill with wonder. Inside the pink plastic shell lies a whip. She is filled with questions and there is fear.

Why a whip? She’s still learning the story. Every year is like starting over, only fragments stick in her 5 year old mind that is still grasping the concept of space, time and death.

There is sadness in the Easter story. The dice, the crown, the pain,. There is death. But the whole story must be told to fully receive the beauty of Easter. We walk through the valley, to receive the triumph.

But why did they kill him? It’s the hard, necessary question. He had to die. He died for us.

It’s the part of the story when I’m reminded my sins held him on the cross.

But this isn’t just a story about death.

As her brother and sister fill in the pieces of the story, she remembers the tomb.
Yes! The tomb.
I point to our Easter Garden and I ask, What did we put in the tomb?

She thinks. Nothing. Nothing is in the tomb, Mom. Not even Jesus.


She smiles. Jesus is alive.

And we tell the story over and over. It’s not just a pastel, chocolate-covered story we drag out with the eggs. It’s the very core of who we are. It’s the most important story ever told. It’s the truth we cling to in the darkest of nights. It’s the story we encourage one another with.

Death didn’t win. He is alive!

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. ~Robert Flatt

This story doesn’t belong on a shelf. The resurrection is the very reason we have hope. It gives our life meaning today and our tomorrow a future.

And that’s why we must celebrate Easter every day.

Five Ways to Celebrate Easter Every Day in Your Home:

1. Continue to tell the story–when the Easter hype fades and our society focuses on commercializing another day, let’s keep sharing the Easter story. Don’t put away Easter with the candy. Watch this video with your kids.

2. Keep the cross at the center–While the cross was a crude death sentence, it’s also a beautiful reminder of what Jesus has done for us. Yes, it’s about death, but more it’s about life. Hang a beautiful Cross in your home and talk often of it’s meaning.

3. Celebrate new life year round: take a nature walk in the Spring (search for cocoons, nests, baby animals etc); plant new flowers in the summer, hide bulbs in the earth in the fall, put out birdseed in the winter, speaking the beauty of Daniel 3: 52-90 all year long.

4. Focus on grace throughout the year. Be quick to forgive and extend grace as it has been given to you. And never forget that His death means LIFE ! Print this free printable to keep in your home all year long.

5. Sprinkle reminders of His story (history) in your life: Celebrate communion regularly. Talk about the Last Supper as your breaking bread with your family. Mention the crown of thorns as you weed your garden, hang a purple sash over a cross in your home and talk about our King.

It’s Good Friday. It’s the perfect time to start celebrating Easter every day.

Happy Easter!

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