Monday, February 4, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas - Sweet Glam Girl

If you haven't tried mixed media painting, drawing or fanciful adornments then you're missing out. Go out to the dollar store and buy a canvas... any size! Feeling nervous or intimidated... buy a teeny tiny one, maybe 5x7. Get out some paints, pastels, brushes, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paper, scrapbooking paper, and PLAY!

I bought a fantastic book by Suzi Blu at Amazon called Mixed Media Girls This book is so cool! Suzi shares tons of valuable info and the photos are FUN! Plus a BONUS DVD!

I gave mixed media a try and here's what I have come up with. I had so much fun! I video taped the process in three parts. Videos are embedded below. Have a looksee!




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  1. Hello! I've borrowed that book from the library and it's fabulous! I haven't done a canvas yet but I will one of these days! Just like one of these days I'll have time for videos again! lol I've saved these and hope to watch soon!...Nancy :o)


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