Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Printable Vintage Ephemera

I love to browse thrift stores and antique stores for old magazines. I found a 1939 'My Home' magazine. Some of the pages have the sweetest photos of children and stylish ladies. Here's a page I scanned and isn't it so adorable! It's called 'Encouragement' and here's the poem that goes with it.

I'm not frightened-
Hardly at all-
Of Snatching-out from corners,
Or Catch-yous in the Hall

I'm not frightened-
Not a little bit-
Of Faces in the Wall-paper
Before the lights are lit...

I'm not frightened-
Not the leastest scrap-
Of ivy on the window going
Tap... tap... tap...

So if you know a Someone
Who doesn't understand
And hates the Creakings in The Night
I'll hold their hand !

~caryl brahms

The photo is scanned 300 dpi. You could scan it 8x10 but that's a bit big. My printer gives me the option of choosing which size I want to print, I like '3 1/2 x5' as shown the photo below. And 4 images fit nicely to a sheet of cardstock.

Click on the image above, then right click and  'Save Picture'  to your picture folder.

I hope you like and enjoy!

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