Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

It has been a really nice weekend. Family came up from Vancouver and we all had a super supper Sunday evening.        The home is back to normal now and my husband and I have returned to our favorite spots. See photos below.

Hubby in his workshop

And me in my Craft Cave!

I wish everyone a great week!

Christina   xo

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  1. You and DH look like you have fun in you caves lol! I marvel at how men can make things with their hands especially wooden items! Would love to have one of those heat gun stands but can't afford it at the moment. I know Amy's hubby made one for her. Maybe I can try this with what I have in my home. TY for sharing your life. I too have 3 grown children, almost empty nesters. One living with us for now. :)
    PS love your decoupaged hutch. Will have to do this in the future :)


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