Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello to all my wonderful, beautiful, faithful subscribers!

Today I wanted to write a few lines on an all to familiar pain many of us suffer from called Fibro. The Winter season seems to be dragging on and on. The cold weather is wreaking havoc on my poor achy muscles and joints. My feet, hands and nose are constantly cold. Keeping warms helps with the pain but constant hot flashes have me taking my layers of clothing off and then on! Poor hubby, he's never sure if I'm going to be dressed in my woolies like I"m going on an Antarctica trip or half naked making supper! LOL

At the moment my worst pain is in my hands and feet. All this keyboard stuff doesn't help any but my online friends are a lifeline for me!

But, I always stay POSITIVE and have a good sense of humor! I watch my weight and try real hard to eat sensibly. Staying active and STRETCHING is so important and vital in maintaining pain to a minimum.

Anyways just felt like sharing a bit....

Do you also suffer from this terrible thorn in the flesh? If so, I am interested to know how YOU do in the winter months and how you manage on a day to day basis.

Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you!


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