Thursday, May 30, 2013

Suppertime Share - Meatloaf 'Muffins' Mashed Potatoes, Tossed Salad

Yesterday my friend on Blogger (here's her web site link Clever Soiree ) shared a ground beef suppertime recipe, and today... I took ground beef out of the freezer. Guest what's for supper! A great combination too... hubby was thrilled.

In a large bowl I added, lean ground beef, bread crumbs, half packet of onion soup mix, 2 eggs, half yellow pepper chopped, ground pepper, Worcestershire sauce, chopped parsley and mix altogether.  Grease muffin tin with olive oil or whatever is in your pantry. I like to use coconut oil. I had enough to make 7 meat muffins. Add a squirt of ketchup on each 'muffin'  Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes. And what goes better with meatloaf than mashed potatoes!! YUMMY!


I made a green salad to go with our meal.... Naaa just kidding!

Can't have just a green salad... needed some color!

Our tummy's are full, dishes done, time to relax with a cuppa decaf!

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